“Surfboards are probably the most environmentally unfriendly thing you can buy,” says North Florida shaper, Jay Gordon. First of all: Ouch. Second of all: Yep, we surfers seem willfully ignorant of this fact. 

OK. Deep breath. So what to do about it?

While it’s not perfect (environmentally speaking, that is), this sleek, appealing 5’9” modern twin certainly represents progress. Shaped by Gordon—who is one of those rare shapers who not only out-surfs most of his clients, but also virtually everyone in the lineup on any given day—from recycled EPS foam from Marko Foam, then glassed with a plant-based bio resin, the construction of this board is far more sustainable than your traditional off-the-rack pop-out. The combination of recycled materials and a less energy-taxing resin makes for a surfboard produced using roughly 33% less greenhouse emissions.

Eco-friendly. OK, sounds cool. But how does an eco-friendly surfboard go? 

“The boards perform great!” says Gordon, pointing out that the latest Stab In The Dark film featured Mick Fanning on EcoBoards constructed using similar materials. Oh, and Kelly Slater rides similar boards, almost exclusively. 

So let’s review: An elegantly designed twin-fin, constructed from some of the most eco-friendly materials available, by a shredding local shaper. Now, that’s a neat surfboard! 

Follow Gordon on Instagram. Custom orders available via shapesbyjg@gmail.com.

This feature originally appeared in the Nov. 2019 issue of Void Magazine (Vol. 10, Iss. 7) “Do Good” under the headline “And Now… Here’s a Neat Surfboard.”