The Jaguars traded fan-favorite Josh Scobee to the Steelers on Monday, a move that can be sort of understood, as the team didn’t want to loose rookie kicker Jason Meyers and felt they had to make a move.

Scobee had so many moments that made him a favorite. The 59-yard field goal in 2010, is the most talked about — and yes, Jaxson caught the ball after it went through the uprights … Since he is moving on, we thought we’d take a look at Scobee’s best moments as a Jag.

The kick starts around the six-minute mark and is the longest in franchise history. That was actually his third 50-plus yarder to beat the Colts and Peyton Manning in the final minute. The first came in 2004, in what was Bryon Leftwich’s best game as a pro. A much younger Scobee knocked in a 53-yard field goal with 33 seconds left to shock Indy. Highlights of that are hard to find but here’s the ESPN recap of the 27-24 game.

The other one was in 2008, when Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew each topped 100 yards, while Scobee connected from 51 yards out with four seconds left to win 23-21. His playoff game-winner verse the Steelers gave the Jags their only playoff win since 1999.

At the end of games, I used to hope we could get it around the 40 if we needed a field goal. His list of game-winners goes on, here is one in an OT game verse the Texans from 40-plus to win it.

Scobee hit another game-winner last year to cap off the biggest comeback in franchise history against the Giants. It was only the fact that he’s our franchise leader in points, with his clutch kicking that made him so beloved. It was his personality and approachability off the field, but also his sense of humor. Even the Jags’ website has a whole section for his Kickin’ it with Scobee segment.

During the offseason he ignited an internet uproar with this tweet:

Scobee actually is a great golfer and placed in second in the Celebrity Golf Tournament in July. There’s that time when he tried to hit a tee shot in a helmet and pads.

We’ll miss you Josh, and we wish you the best in Pittsburgh. <3 #DTWD