Children of the ’90s know few games (no matter how many times they’ve been revamped) come remotely close to the awesome factor of their N64 ancestors. Goldeneye 007 is no exception.

While its creators may have been first timers and the project was almost defunded due to some wonky glitches (like enabling James Bond to fire tank shells from his face), they made a game so playable it influenced the entire first-person shooter genre enjoyed today. Also, it’s just hella fun to corner your friends in an air duct and take them out — slaps only.

Breaking out the Nintendo, blowing the dust out of the cartridge harmonica-style and firing up the old 007 is guaranteed fun, but what would it look like if the classic got a modern makeover? Jude Wilson, a 3D game art student specializing in environment art at Sheffield Hallam University, recreated the famous “Facility” map from Goldeneye using Unreal Engine 4 as an assignment for his master’s program.

(In case you thought you’d forgotten the background music to this map … you didn’t.)

The remake has all the precariously stacked crates and imposing doors you remember, but the graphics are no doubt completely leveled up. He also laced the original map with elements based on the films, incorporating some of its realistic interiors, lighting and props. All in all, it’s a beautifully executed tribute and an undeniably good resumé builder for Wilson.

Other oldies-but-goodies have gotten Unreal Engine 4 upgrades, like Mario, Kirby and three of our favorite Pokémon who only get cuter with better graphics. Browse YouTube to see if your beloved games or characters have been given the Unreal treatment.