We all know the entertainment value of living in a frequently visited city. Relatives from the northern states flock to our coastal city to soak up some sun and lounge by the ocean. When in Northeast Florida, there are a handful of things that one should do. We are here to walk you through an ideal day in the 904, so the next time folks come to stay, you are armed with the best spots to make for an exceptional day in the River City.

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8 a.m.

Wake up and hit the water! The first adventure of the day will be in St. Augustine. One does not have to travel far to find some water. But first, coffee. One of the best coffee shops in downtown St. Augustine is the Kookaburra. This shop carries locally roasted Bold Bean Coffee and serves it with a smile. Order a shot of espresso and a homemade pie.

9 a.m.

Renting Jet Skis at The Conch House is the perfect start to an adventure-filled day. For $100, you can ride underneath the Bridge of Lions and glide the coast for an hour.

11:30 a.m.

Now that the clock has almost hit noon, it’s time to stop and have a snack before hitting A1A. There is no better place to stop than The Hyppo Café. Sandwiches and popsicles all in one place. It’s a sunny daydream come true. Then, hit the road. It’s Jax Beach time.

1 p.m.

Pier time! Freak yourself out by trying to spot some sharks. Walk to the shops and buy some cheesy Jax Beach gear. After all, you can never have too many vacation koozies.

3 p.m.

Is it happy hour yet? Close enough. We think you need some brats in a blanket and a beer cocktail from Hoptinger.

4 p.m.

Alright, now it’s time to dust the sand off and head into town where flip flops and bathing suits are less acceptable attire.

5 p.m.

Make sure to stop in San Marco on the way downtown to grab a drink at Grape and Grain behind the bookcase. Walk through the square and take some pictures while the sun sets on the river. Take a deep breathe and inhale the historic district.

7 p.m.

Cross the Main Street Bridge and walk down Laura Street into Hemming Park. Maybe you’ll stop at Volstead to quench your pre-prohibition thirst? Or you might continue on and snag a ton of candy at Sweet Pete’s?

8 p.m.

Time to nosh. One of the best dining experiences in Jacksonville will take you to restaurant Orsay. Make sure to make a reservation and order the duck. You’re welcome.

10 p.m.

A perfect end to any evening is spent schlepping around Riverside. You need some espresso to keep you alive, and luckily for you, Brew Five Points is open until midnight. If you’re looking to take a load off, catch the last showing at Sunray Cinema. Do you want to party all night? The Five Points bars have you covered.

What makes Jacksonville such a gem is our eclectic cityscape that includes beachfront fun, as well as a metropolitan downtown. A day in the 904 will always be one for the books, no matter what side of town you find yourself in to start or finish the day. Let’s face it, our city is pretty remarkable. So get out there and soak up some sun in the River City.