By: Sara Restrepo

Void caught up with lead singer/guitarist from Uncommon Legends, Barrett Jockers and got the inside scoop on what the future holds for his band and his career.

Uncommon Legends is a cover band in Jacksonville based out of Jax Beach. The band consists of Arthur Jones, and Andronicus Jamison and has alternative pop/rock/soul/fusion influences.

Jocker’s describes how the band was first started, “I found AJ playing at a Charlie Walker show filling in for Charlie’s bass player, Justin Mandell. I approached him and said ‘hey I play acoustic guitar by myself would you want to start a band?’”

The band’s next plan is to release their first album this year. Jockers’ says they “have not come up with an original band name yet but are most definitely releasing an album this year.”

Barrett’s source of inspiration when writing his own music is instrumental acoustic guitar music,

“I know that sounds silly but if you think about it, when you listen to a song with words. The meaning of the song comes from the story of the words put together also known as lyrics. But when you listen to a song with no words, the song is whatever you hear and feel. It’s your story.”

Check out their new video here.

[youtube id=”OpuxVeaHDa0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Also check out their web page to view up coming shows, pics, and videos!