1) Pro-Karting, autobahnspeed.com

Graduate from the go-karts you remembered as a kid (that’s for puppy love!) to something a little racier. Autobahn Speedway gets you and your sweetheart flying up to 50 mph in their Italian-made carts. Choose between two grand-prix style courses or try both. All the speed and adrenaline should get each of your hearts racing by the end of the night.

2) Art Class

No awful and oversized smocks required. Art classes have taken it to the next level with private sessions and BYOB. Reserve a night for painting canvas (paintingwithatwist.com) or wheel throwing (artleaguejax.org). Not sure you’re ready for all of that? Studios offer classes for all levels of artists. So go ahead, show your beau your artistic side. If all fails, at least you’ll have your bottle of booze.

3) Rock Climbing, theedgerockgym.com

You’ll find you and your date sweaty and panting at the end of this physical activity. Oh, and your limbs might feel like Jell-O, too. This is ideal for those who enjoy being active or those wanting to live life on the edge. The Edge Rock Climbing experience is a great, non-traditional way to spend time with that special someone.

4) Backyard Camp-In

Create a cozy and romantic atmosphere for a sleepover under the stars with heaps of cozy blankets. Arrange lanterns and string lights for added atmosphere. Bring in take-out from your favorite restaurant, or cook your own meal, but don’t forget the wine. With beautiful Florida as your backyard, you don’t have to limit yourself to the little plot of land behind your house. One suggestion: use a one-person tent to increase body warmth through the night.

5) Outdoor or Themed Photo Shoot

Hire a professional photographer for the day for an outdoor or themed photo shoot. Choose a location (or a few) special to you and your beau, or dress to a theme. Regardless, it will be fun and different. Best part? You’ll have proof of your special day.

6) Hang Glide, airamelia.com

Soar high above beautiful Amelia Island on a powered hang glider. Air Amelia offers instructional, motorized hang gliding, a perfect solution to a perfect day. Reserve an afternoon flight on one of their Airborne XTs. If you don’t leave your date breathless by the end of the day, the sweeping views of the Florida landscape below should do the trick.

7) Indoor Skydive, orlando.iflyworld.com

Ditch the overdone dinner and movie, and take your date somewhere more thrilling. Head over to iFLY Orlando. The indoor skydiving experience will have you and your sweetheart floating and free falling through a 1,000-hp vertical wind tunnel. It’ll be a night to remember.

8) Cooking Class, 

Skip the frou frou of dining out, and try something different. Instead, share the experience of making a meal together. Publix Apron’s Cooking School offers a unique way to spend an evening with cooking classes. So, put on that apron, grab your date, and create something delicious. publix.com/recipes-planning/aprons-cooking-schools

9) Austin’s Karaoke, austinroomkaraoke.com

Private rooms make Austin’s Karaoke a unique experience. Reserve a room for two, bring some nibbles and a bottle of bubbly and prepare to serenade your sweetheart into the evening.