So, unless you live under a rock (no offense to Patrick Star), you’ve probably heard by now that Lannadoo Celtic Fest and Fair returns to the Seawalk Pavilion in Jacksonville Beach this weekend. If you haven’t, allow me to explain it with some simple words — Celtic pride, fair games for all, cold beer and live music … oh, and did I mention amazing weather? It’s time to assemble your Celtic kit and get ready for some beautiful weather, good beer and great music. Here’s eight GIFs to help prepare you for the weekend ahead.

It’s been a long week. You’re probably thinking to yourself …


Well luckily for you, Lannadoo begins tomorrow!


Now is the time to get your garb together …

Kilt Colbert

… Just remember that it’s only a kilt if there’s nothing on underneath it.


Which might sound scary when there’s a bunch of old guys walking around in them, but at least there’s no leprechauns


There will be plenty of delicious Guinness for all to drink, just try to keep it to a respectable level, or you’ll wake up feeling like legendary Irish fighter McGregor just knocked you out.


And hey, even if you don’t have any Celtic blood in your veins, remember …

All Irish

Now go forth and assemble your drinking crew.

Braveheart Freedom

This weekend will be epic.