Kona Flyer 2014

The Florida Bowlrider’s Cup is making it’s way back to North Florida. The 7th annual contest will take place from March 28-30 at the two biggest skateparks in North Florida. On Friday March 28, the cup will take place at Oceanside Rotary Skatepark in Atlantic Beach and the rest of the events for the weekend will take place at Kona Skatepark in South Jacksonville.

Putting on the event this year are a slew of great sponsors who will be throwing out gear and good vibes throughout the event. Aqua East Surf Shop, Powell Skateboards, Bones Skate Wheels and Accessories and Vans are all coming together to make this another great event.

The competition offers Pro’s, Master’s, Women’s and Amateur’s divisions for those who would like to compete and skate together over a multi-event weekend.  Points are accumulated from two different venues, Kona and Oceanside, over a 3-day span, to come up with a champion.

So check out the talent this year and watch your favorite North Florida skaters take it to the Bowl.

For more info on Kona Bowlriders, including sign ups, visit their website here.