For some of us, Valentine’s Day is like going through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. It’s unfortunate that it has to end this way, but it’s not like you chose the single life – the single life chose you.

Every year you just assume that this will be different, because this year you think: I won’t just sit around and go to another “singles” fiasco or Beyoncé-inspired dinner party. You will not give into this clearly made-up holiday because it’s just another excuse for Hallmark to create a marketable card.

It’s almost like couples are flaunting themselves around town as soon as they see the potential to get the biggest bouquet delivered to their place of employment, or when the specialized V-Day chocolates start working their way to center stage at the grocery store.

Rather than mourn at home with a gallon of Ben & Jerry’s, here are seven ways to have an amazing, dateless Valentine’s Day:

1. Get your hair professionally blow-dried. Don’t ask any questions, just make an appointment and go get it done. You will not only feel like a rock star, but you will look flawless. #treatyourself

2. Go see “Fifty Shades of Grey.” From the day the trailer was released and we first learned that Christian Grey was going to be played by Jamie Dornan, you have secretly been counting down the days until the premier. #heartthrob

3. Girls’ night, wine night! Grab your best single, lady friends and a bottle of wine and turn that Netflix loop on. “Girls” just started back on HBO anyways, so where do your priorities lie?

4. Have flowers delivered to your work on Valentine’s Day with an anonymous love note handcrafted by yours truly. It’ll keep the questions flowing and make you the center of attention for enough time to take your mind off the fact that the other girls’ flowers are from a real person.

5. Go to the Ice Plant Bar in St. Augustine. Besides the fact that you can pull out your dormant 1920s attire, it has some of the best cocktails in town with an expressive atmosphere.

6. Try on every shade of lipstick at Nordstrom to find your perfect shade. A girl has to have her feature color, so why not use a romantic holiday to get your lipstick game on point?

7. Order take out for “two” then make up an elaborate story about how you are picking up food for your boyfriend. Really, you plan on going home and eating it all by yourself, but at least you’ll have a talking point as to why you need that sushi boat you’ve always wanted to try. #noregrets.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be another holiday filled with hopeless romantic fantasies. Seize the day. Get out there and show the world that you will not give into this commercialistic holiday at its finest.

However, there is merit in consuming an entire box of chocolates minus the strawberry ones, of course, as a special surprise from someone who will always love you, your mother.