Most of us have been there. The inevitable moment in time where you feel as though your whole world is crashing down. It’s … dun dun dun, THE BREAKUP. Some are smoother than others, but most are a torrential downpour of emotions, broken belongings and devastated hearts. Text after text and call after call, but nothing seems to be mending the sharp pains in your stomach. It’s the rollercoaster called love, and is now, unfortunately, coming to a speedy halt. We here at Void were curious to see how bad these things really get, and asked the North Florida community to share some of their best/worst relationship split stories. Here are the results:

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Bad Breath Betty

1. I broke it off with my summer camp sweetheart when I was 15, because we made out at the movies and she had horrible breath and she didn’t know how to kiss. I found out two years ago she was living in the Playboy mansion. — Anonymous – Male

Convenience Store Sucker

2. I was dating a baseball player for two years and he finally got signed to a professional team, which would usually be great, but he decided to pick up and move and just stopped texting/calling me back. He got dropped from the team three months later and is now a supervisor of a convenience store. I never responded to any of his apologies or attempts to work things out. — Anonymous – Female 

Tattooed Knucklehead

3. My ex and I were already broken up. He called numerous times trying to fix it, then called me a few days later saying he had something to show me. We met up, and he showed me his knuckles. He had my initials tattooed across his damn knuckles. “KRS” with a heart. What in the hell? Needless to say, we never got back together. And he still has it to this day. Idiot. — Anonymous – Female

Bye Felicia!

4. After two years of dating, my boyfriend and I decided we needed to “spice things up.” One night after a party at a friend’s house (and a few too many drinks) he and I decided to have a “ménage à trios” with a friend of mine, a pretty girl named Felicia.

The week after was great, it was like we had just started dating again! A few weeks after, however, we got in an argument. After not talking for a few days, he came to me saying sorry and how he realized how much he loved me. The reason? HE HOOKED UP WITH FELICIA … without me. Needless to say the relationship took a quick turn south and I got very creative when asked why we broke up by families, friends, etc.  — Anonymous – Female

It’s Not All About the Money Honey

5. My ex broke up with me two days before my birthday because he was embarrassed for not having a good paying job and not buying me a present. — Anonymous – Female

Meet Karma

6. Near the end of my senior year of high school, I began dating a girl two years younger than me. Things were going swimmingly, but due to alcohol and an incredible amount of temptation at a few senior parties, I cheated on her with a handful of girls. She rightfully dumped me and began seeing a new guy. A year later, I returned home from college and was somehow able to rekindle that flame. After hanging out a few different times, she ended up at my house late one night and we began hooking up. In the middle of this glorious comeback, I cracked a joke… only to have her laugh and accidentally call me by the guy that replaced me’s name. It was brutal and humiliating. Definitely what I deserved. — Anonymous – Male

Brittany, Brittany and Brittany

7. I dated a guy who was also secretly dating two other girls named Brittany. They called it the Brittany polygamy. — Anonymous – Female

Fire flames isolated on white background