Over the course of Jacksonville’s history, we’ve had songs released that some swear should be the city’s official anthem. And while there are many that try to create a song synonymous with the culture of Jacksonville, few often succeed.

But with any scenario, there are always exceptions. Such is the case with these 6 songs that are all about Jacksonville and it’s beloved Duval county that can turn a facepalm into a fist pump, making you proud to call the 904 your home.

Duval Ditty

By Angel Angelfire

With arguably the best song about Duval County to ever hit the musical scene, this song is complete with shout-outs to all the various sides of town, high schools, and local restaurants.  Heck, it even includes its own dance titled after the song and was so popular on YouTube, a remix was released a couple years after the original helping to make Duval Ditty practically a household name within the 904.

I’m From Duval

By Uncle Nard of Tal-kin Trees

Uncle Nard covers all the aspect of the perfect Florida day. He rocks a white tank, some fresh Reeboks then decides to get fancy with an old school Fred Taylor jersey while hanging out at the Suns game. If that doesn’t sound like perfection in your eyes, you’re not from ‘round here.

Good Vibes

By Simple Natural feat. Lo White

In one of the newer songs about Duval, this video and song shows off the pool/street party everyone wants to be part of. Plus, it’s the only local song to show off the beach culture within the city limits of Atlantic, Neptune and Jax Beach.


By Josh Turner

One of the few country songs about Jacksonville, country music superstar Josh Turner wrote this song about falling in love on “Ocean Drive while standing in line for burgers and fries”.  And like a lot of people that visit Jacksonville, Turner talks about visiting the town and doesn’t want to leave because he needs to “kill a few more days in Jacksonville”.

Gimmie Three Steps

By Lynryd Skynrd

One of the first well-known songs about Jacksonville is by none-other than Lynryd Skynrd and is a true story about a scuffle that lead singer Ronnie Van Zant got into when he got caught dancing with the wrong guy’s girl in a bar off Edison and Acosta called the Little Brown Jug. After the scuffle, Ronnie and his passengers drove away from the bar as fast as they could and wrote the song about it that very night.


By Flawda Water

A song that starts off with all the various nicknames of Duval is another video proud to film on the First Coast for their anthem. Along with the shout outs to area restaurants and bars, the video tells anyone who reps the city to “throw the D’s up” as a sign of respect for the city we all know and love.

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This article originally appeared in the Void’s Music Issue that dropped June 1st 2013