Although it feels like summer has been around for many months already, the weather is only just beginning to heat up, which means you’ve got all the reason to get your butt into shape while it’s still swimsuit season. If you’ve tried other workout plans or trends and weren’t pleased with the results, adding kickboxing to your workout regimen might just be the perfect plan to get your bod summer-ready. Here’s six reasons why you should add kickboxing to your workout plan.

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Lose Weight

If you’re purely in the game to drop some pounds, kickboxing might just fit the bill. Instead of trying the same old workout routine in your “home gym,” trying out this new fitness craze will have you shedding weight in no time! Plus, it can be a brilliant source of mental health in the form of stress release. What other form of exercise do you get to imagine beating up something you hate?

Increase Cardiovascular Health

Despite the more obvious benefits of implementing kickboxing as a workout, like losing weight, this unique form of exercise can also beef up your heart. Kickboxing can increase your blood flow and improve overall heart health, and with a trainer included at local Kickboxing Fitness Gym, 9Round, you get personal attention at no extra charge in a local, friendly environment.

Improve Flexibility and Core Strength

Everyone knows that yoga helps to improve the areas of flexibility and core strengthening, but maybe yoga just isn’t your thing. Have no fear! Kickboxing can do both of these things and more!

Work Your Whole Body

Kickboxing is the total body workout, which means when you step in the gym, you’ll be working every muscle, every time for a full-body burn. Try getting that with plain old weightlifting. The primary areas targeted include your arms, shoulders, abs, thighs and butt.

Burn 500 Calories or more in 30 Minutes

With typical weightlifting, you only burn roughly 180 calories per 30 minutes of pumping the old iron. This is an area where kickboxing simply can’t be matched. In just a half hour, you can generally burn an average of 500 calories while kickboxing a figure that can only be matched by intense long distance running.

It’s Fun!

If we haven’t managed to convince you yet, did we mention that kickboxing is a fun, fast-paced and engaging workout that changes every day so you’ll never get bored. At 9Round, there are no class times either, so you work out when YOU want to work out, not when they want you too. Workouts start every three minutes, featuring a small, intimate setting where everyone knows your name.

9Round, located on 12226 Beach Blvd, was developed by an IKF Light Middleweight Kickboxing World Champion from Greenville, South Carolina. Mark H. Dewey, who owns the only 9Round location in town, said he decided to open the business in Jax as he perceived the Bold City as a community that takes physical fitness as a priority.

After reading all of these reasons, why wouldn’t you give kickboxing a try? If you do, you’ll probably make it a regular part of your fitness regimen. Click on the button below for more info, or watch the YouTube video.

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