It’s another new year, and there are already so many things to be excited about! Even if you hate fun, I guarantee there is something cool happening this month that you’ll be stoked about.

Starbucks has a new drink

That’s right, coffee lovers, there’s a new way to get your fix and it looks fantastic. The new brew, out this week, is called a latte macchiato, which is exactly what it sounds like. The new drink will be sort of a cross between a latte and a macchiato, but with even more espresso to fuel your drowsy mornings.

Ice cream

Blue Bell Ice Cream is back

Ice cream fans everywhere remember the tragedy that befell the nation last year when dangerous bacteria was found in Blue Bell’s factory and production was shut down for months. The issue has finally been resolved, and we can look forward to delicious, bacteria-free ice cream returning to stores by January 25.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is coming

Look away for a moment if you’re a diehard Apple fan. The newest version of Samsung’s wildly popular Galaxy phone comes out really soon and the details have already been leaked. The S7 is expected to have improved battery life and more storage options than the previous incarnation.

The College Football National Championship Game

Football fans have been waiting impatiently for this one. Alabama plays Clemson for the national title in their first match up since 2008. The big game airs on January 11. Even if you’re not a fan of either team, it will still surely be an exciting watch.


New stuff to watch on Netflix

Netflix loves to keep us on our toes by periodically adding and removing content. It can be pretty upsetting when your favorite show expires, but there’s always something new to fill the void in your heart. This month is no exception. You can look forward to new seasons of awesome shows like “New Girl” and “Parks & Recreation,” as well as classic films like “Sharknado 3” and “Meet the Parents.”

If this list didn’t get your heart rate up just a little bit, well I guess there’s always next month.