As the summer quietly slips out the back door, I feel the only things I have to remember it by are sun burnt cheeks, salty bikinis (I should wash those) and a bittersweet summer playlist. A playlist can be as personal as a diary, documenting the memories of summer through trap beats, mind-melting techno, dizzy pop and even slow jams.

There was no shortage of groovy tunes this summer, as this list could have easily been 11 pages long … but ain’t nobody got time for that. So, here are the songs I was bumping to this summer. Enjoy:

Fetty Wap — “Trap Queen”

From the pickup line, “I’m like, ‘hey what’s up? Hello,’” to its reckless love story, “Trap Queen” is an ear worm that stayed trapped in my head all summer. Though this song actually came out in 2014, it gained popularity this summer with the help of celebrity endorsements. “Trap Queen” topped the charts for weeks and boasted plenty of radio time. Fetty Wap’s breakout single is a song you can’t help but sing a long to.

Kacey Musgrave — “Biscuits”

Warning: This song may make you crave a little biscuits and gravy. Musgrave does not shy away from reminding listeners to live your life without worrying about others opinions. “Smoke your own smoke and grow your own daisies. Mind your own biscuits and life will be gravy.” This song has a catchy twang and fun lyrics. Just try not to square dance to this.

5 Seconds of Summer — “She’s Kinda Hot”

Pop punk band 5SOS is comprised of four pretty Australians with a sharp edge. “She’s Kinda Hot” was co-written by the Madden brothers and harbors the same angsty alternative punk Good Charlotte once had. This summer smash is a hopeful anthem about getting kicked around and being a loser, but being alright anyway. Best played when you’re angry with someone.

Halsey — “Ghost”

Not to be punny but Halsey’s “Ghost” is a hauntingly beautiful love song. Nineteen- year-old Ashley Frangipane, or Halsey, is a teen dream with a fresh sound. Her songs are a dark and intimate look at relationships. It’s pop with a punch that describes being a couple with someone who is an emotional nightmare. “Never sleep alone boy. Got a million numbers and they’re filling up your phone, boy.” This scary single will make you recall a ghost from your past or maybe even one that’s still haunting you.

Major Lazer feat. DJ Snake and MO — “Lean On”

If you didn’t scream over this song to get a bartender’s attention this summer, then you are a dirty liar because this song has literally been played everywhere. You can try to fight your love for this one, but it is just so damn catchy. Diplo was on fire all summer. Between “Lean On” and “Where Are U Now,” he had me dancing all summer long.

The cocktail recipe for a great anthem is 50 percent rhythm, 25 percent message and 25 percent repetition all shaken together to create the perfect summer soundtrack.