It’s normal to feel jealous sometimes when you’re in a relationship. Lots of women worry at some point that their man might be cheating on them, but what if you are actually the one he’s cheating with? There are a few signs you should look for if you’re concerned that you could be the side piece.

He won’t add you on Facebook.
Sure, Facebook is silly and some people tend to take it a little too seriously. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but if he is really adamant about not adding you, something could be up. If he doesn’t want you to see his profile, he might have some major skeletons hiding in his online closet. Judge his reaction when you question him about it. The way he responds might give you a hint that he’s got a secret life he doesn’t want you to be a part of.

He only pays for dates with cash.
You might think he’s trying to impress you with the fat stacks of cash he always carries around to pay for dinner or other activities, and maybe he is. But why doesn’t he ever whip out that gold card you’ve spotted in his wallet? You can bet that if he’s paying with cash all the time he’s either a drug dealer or he’s married (or both). He knows his wife sees the credit card bill every month and he doesn’t want to raise red flags with a charge from a sushi joint on a night he said he was playing poker with the guys.

You’ve never seen where he lives.
He probably has a million excuses not to bring you by his place.
“My house is such a mess right now.”
“Your couch is more comfortable than mine.”
“Your place is closer to my office.”
“My AC is broken.”
And on and on … Guess what girl, his wife is at his house right now and she’s starting to wonder why her beloved husband is working so many late nights at the office.

His phone is never out of his sight.
His phone is the keeper of all his secrets. If he won’t even go to the bathroom without double-checking that his phone is in his pocket, there’s a good reason. Maybe he just can’t poop unless he’s browsing his Instagram feed (that’s a common ailment), but he may be hiding something. It should also raise some major concerns if he only talks on the phone while you’re out of the room. If he keeps getting calls and pressing the reject button while telling you, “it’s no one,” be very suspicious.

You’ve never met his friends.
I’m sure he’s just a very busy man with little time to socialize. Or perhaps he claims all his friends are lascivious douchebags and he doesn’t want you to be exposed to that sort of behavior. Whatever the excuse, if you’ve been dating for more than a couple of months and you have yet to meet any of his friends, run. He’s either a friendless freak or he just doesn’t trust that his buddies won’t let his wife in on what he’s really up to.

If reading this is making you suddenly rethink your whole relationship, it’s probably time to dump his ass.