They’re more in tune with your feelings.

Guys don’t understand how to properly react to a woman’s moods. Have you ever started crying in front of a guy and he totally freaked out? How about when you’re mad at him and he acts completely oblivious? Not that men are emotionless monsters, they just lack the sensitivity to pick up on the nuances of our feelings sometimes. This is not a problem with cats. Cats are excellent at reading people and they know when to leave you alone and when to curl up in your lap for cuddles. They never say the wrong thing, just quietly sit with you until you feel better … or until they get hungry.


They don’t get clingy.
A big problem with dating anyone is the possibility that they can get too clingy. We’ve all had an experience with that one person who sends 42 texts a day and wants to know what you had for lunch and shows up at your house if you take too long to send a response to their frantic “thinking of u!!! :)” messages. It can be pretty difficult to shake a clinger. But you’ll never have that issue with a cat. Cats are pretty independent and aloof. They might harass you in the morning for food but most of the time they’re hard to pin down. Cats know how to play hard to get.


They take up less room in bed.
Sharing a bed with another person can often be a nightmare. There’s nothing worse than someone tossing and turning next to you all night, stealing all the blankets and taking up more room than they should. Stop letting dudes in your bed. If you invite a cat into your bed they will curl up into a tiny fluffy ball on the foot of the bed and make themselves scarce. You can rest easy with the knowledge that you aren’t completely alone, but you still get all the room you need and deserve.


They don’t talk through movies.
Talking through a movie should be punishable by public flogging. If you go on a date with someone who won’t shut up in the theater, you should just leave right then and there. Go home and watch a movie on your couch with your cat who will gently purr during the good parts and possibly have a bath during the boring parts. But at no point will they attempt to condescendingly explain the plot points to you or express a dumb opinion about the casting choices.


They bring you surprise gifts.
A lot of guys can be flaky or forgetful and will rarely surprise you with a nice gift. Cats on the other hand, absolutely love to bring you presents, even if you don’t want them. Sure it will probably be a headless bird or half of a garden snake rather than flowers or a necklace, but it’s the thought that counts. Dismembered squirrels are better than nothing. As you wipe up the blood you can feel good knowing that your cat cares enough to bring you such offerings.