With networks running 24 straight hours of “A Christmas Story” or “It’s A Wonderful Life,” there are plenty of options to catch one of the holiday classics. Another solid place to look is the good old Netflix account, which has a whole lot of Christmas-themed movies to choose from. Here are the five we think are worth your time and will definitely get you into the Christmas spirit.

“I Am Santa Claus”“I Am Santa Claus”

This is a documentary about the lives of five Santas over the span of an entire year. It portrays what long-bearded men do with their time and attire when they aren’t listening to kids’ wish lists. Professional wrestler Mick Foley is also a part of it, seeing if he has what it takes to be Santa and do what they do. The respect they have for the Santa suit and the chair is really important to these guys and what they do. Sometimes it’s slow, but this one’s worth your time.


“Christmas with The Kranks”

Tim Allen has acted in a few really good and funny Christmas movies throughout the years. The only one on Netflix currently is “Christmas with The Kranks,” which is typical for him, but funny, too. He stars with Jamie Lee Curtis and Dan Aykroyd with an appearance by Cheech Marin. Curtis and Allen decide to skip Christmas once their daughter goes out of town and get a bunch of crap from everyone they know for it. It’s not the best, but it’ll give you a few laughs.


Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

The Tim Burton classic finds its lead character, Jack the Pumpkin King, tired of the constant Halloween routine and decides to change things up. The main characters are located in a place called the holiday forest, where each holiday is a different town. Jack stumbles into Christmas town and decides he likes it, and things don’t go down exactly as planned. Chances are you’ve seen this classic at some point, but it’s always worth another watch or two.

Trading Places

“Trading Places”

Dan Akroyd and Jamie Lee Curtis are also in “Trading Places,” alongside Eddie Murphy. In one of Murphy’s best films, he plays a con man who switches lives with a successful businessman as part of a larger experiment and it all happens around the holidays. Murphy is hilarious and all-around great in the movie, pairing well with Akroyd. This one is a bit older too, but should be on your watch list regardless.


“Bad Santa”

In a film that would make the Santa Clauses from the documentary “I Am Santa Claus” lose their minds, Billy Bob Thornton graces us with the dirtiest Santa Claus in movie history. He and his elf, played by Tony Cox, rob stores throughout the mall they work at. Bernie Mac plays the chief of security and Thornton befriends a young kid who’s a victim of bullying. It’s really one for the whole family to watch (well … maybe).