Halloween is Saturday … and so is Florida Georgia. It would be a great time to combine the two festivities and dress up as something sports related. Here are some hilarious ideas for this most festive of occasions:

Beer Vendor

Dressing up as a beer vendor could go really well. Imagine giving out beers all day that weren’t even yours in the first place. Sounds like a win win. Don’t forget to add a tip jar.

Ronda Rousey

How bout Ronda Rousey? All you need is some workout cloths, UFC gloves and maybe some sort of title belt. Everyone would love the biggest female athlete on the planet, and you might even get the chance to knock a guy out.

O.J. Simpson

Dress up like one of the NFL’s all-time leading rushers. To make this even better, you can even get a buddy to dress like Johnnie Cochran and pull out all the stops. Any number 32 jersey without a name on it would work. Just throw on some leather gloves and you’re the juice himself.

Andy Reid

The longtime NFL coach for the Eagles and Chiefs gets imitated a lot in the stands, so why not be him on halloween? Fake mustache, glasses and some red clothes is all you need.

Suspended Gator’s QB Will Grier

Might as well stay in the Fla-Ga spirit and go as Will Grier, who was recently suspended for the rest of the season due to a failed drug test. He says it was something he bought over the counter from GNC and didn’t know it would get him in trouble. So, a Gator jersey and any GNC product is all you really need. Maybe a glum look as well …