It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as fall television is finally coming back at long last. The rise in popularity of crime shows has lead to a demand for strong, beautiful leading ladies. Here are the top five female cops to look out for this fall.

Jennifer Lopez in “Shades of Blue”

In NBC’s new drama, Jennifer Lopez plays a New York City detective and single mother trying to balance it all. In order to provide for her daughter, Lopez’s character falls in with dirty cops and risks her career. Is there anything Jennifer Lopez doesn’t look good doing? I would watch her do her taxes … maybe that’ll be next season’s big hit. Tune in to watch J.Lo fill out her W-2.

Priyanka Chopra in “Quantico”

“Quantico” is a new series that will air on ABC this September. The show follows a group of FBI recruits at a training academy. “Quantico” female lead is Priyanka Chopra, and believe it or not, she is prettier than her name. Her character is blunt, bold badass that doesn’t shy away from a challenge until she is accused of masterminding the biggest terrorist attack since 9/11.

Sofia Bush in “Chicago P.D”

“Chicago P.D” returns for its third season this fall. When we last saw Sofia Bush’s character, Erin Lindsey, she was battling a loss that had driven her back into addiction. Lindsey is a tough as nails cop with a soft spot for troubled girls, having been one herself. Tune in this season to see if Lindsey finds her way back.

Vanessa Ray in “Blue Bloods”

Ray’s character, officer Eddie Janko ended last season with her first undercover operation in a Serbian human trafficking ring. Barely escaping captivity, Janko heroically takes down the ringleader and rescues many of the captive girls. What’s next for Eddie Janko? Tune in this September to find out.

Kelli Giddish in “Law and Order: SVU”

Kelli Giddish stars as Detective Amanda Rollins on the beloved “Law and Order: SVU.” This is season 17 for the popular drama and viewers are excited to see what thrills are in store for these NYC detectives. Rollins history of gambling and addiction ensure that is won’t be a boring season.