Prepare for a sugar rush because we’re about to hit you right in the sweet tooth. Whether your choice dessert is ice cream, doughnuts, cookies, sweet beverages or cupcakes, Jacksonville has something for all the sugar lovers. Here are five places you’ve got to try out.

Whit’s Frozen Custard

Whit’s allows dogs in their establishment. Do you need another reason? Fine. It is delicious and made fresh daily. Whit’s offers a daily flavor, endless toppings and popular flavors such as “Almond Joy” and “Cookie Monster.” This creamy goodness tastes like soft serve on steroids. It packs tremendous flavor. Even the vanilla will have your head spinning. Go online and check out Whit’s flavor calendar to find daily flavors to satisfy that candy craving.

Sweet Theory Baking Company

Sweet Theory, a soy, dairy, egg and peanut-free bakery, is located downtown near Riverside. If you think the absence of these ingredients can’t make a tasty cake, I dare you to visit this Jacksonville sweetheart. Everything here tastes like a little slice of heaven. If only it was guilt free, too.


You might want to wear your stretch pants here. This place has everything from doughnuts, cake, truffles, cookies and an out of body experience. There is no such thing as disappointment with Cinotti’s. Everything is freshly made and perfectly frosted. This fifth generation family bakery has perfected baked goods. The locals are loyal to this spot as is evident by their ever-crowded parking lot.

Happy Cup

For those looking to in indulge in something a little lighter, Happy Cup offers homemade yogurt made with all-natural and organic ingredients. The topping bar includes more indulgent choices, like peanut-butter cups or healthier options like fruit. They also offer acai bowls, smoothies and breakfast cookies. If you are looking for a satisfying desert without the guilt, visit the Happy Cup in Atlantic Beach.

Lillie’s Coffee Bar

Another dog-friendly spot, Lillie’s coffee bar is a dessert dream. Their dark chocolate coffee is magic in a cup. This casual café offers fresh local desserts, huge cake slices, brownies and tarts, plus a breakfast and lunch menu. Everything is delicious, but nothing compares to there flavored coffee and frozen drinks. If you are looking for a yummy caffeine fix, this is the spot.

Jacksonville is a sweet place to live. Next time you are looking to indulge, give one of these local favorites a try.