Music is a bit of a fickle beast. Sometimes you’ll hear a band and voraciously devour their entire discography at a startling rate. At other times, you might hear something horrid enough to make your ears bleed. Most of the time, we here at Void try to share what we think is good music, but sometimes, we just need to look back on some of the most epic musical failures in the last century. Hopefully, you won’t find your favorite record on here, but if you do, well … I won’t stop you.

Lou Reed — Metal Machine Music

Some of you are now thinking, “WHAT? YOU PUT LOU ON THIS LIST?” Stop. Go check out this album if you haven’t already, and then come back and try to tell me that is not the most unlistenable piles of s*** you’ve ever heard. An album made up of looped guitar feedback is either the worst album of all time, or perhaps one of the best pranks in music history. But seriously, Lou. Is this legit or nah?

Nickelback — Silver Side Up

Of course, we had to make room for one of rock’s most-hated bands ever. But beyond that label is this album — their most heinous of music crimes. Alt rock is an easy genre to despise if you haven’t been a longtime fan, and bands like Nickelback are the reason for such prominent hatred. Silver Side Up was Nickelback’s first album after signing their initial record deal, and after 40 minutes of the same, repetitive lyrics and mundane guitar and drums that drudges on for what seems like a hell of a lot longer than 40 minutes, you’ll probably agree with us. Hopefully you already do.

Crazy Frog — Crazy Hits

Maybe I have a bit of a vendetta against this little amphibian and his crazy hits, but seriously … if I hear this s*** on the radio one more time I’m gonna lose all hope for humanity. How a ringtone that was literally called, “The Annoying Thing,” ever became big enough to record and actually sell nearly a million albums around the world I will never understand. If we’re really going to start pointing fingers here though, point them right at the U.K., where the album’s single held the charts for many weeks and kept Coldplay’s, “Speed of Sound,” from hitting the number one spot, which, I guess, wasn’t a total loss.

William Hung — Inspiration

Alright, so while the U.K. is to blame for the popular rise of Crazy Frog, we’ve got no one else to blame for this stain on the underpants of modern society but ourselves. William Hung, who you all likely know from his ear-wrenching performance of, “She Bangs,” on “American Idol,” was selected during the recording of the 2004 season by prescreening judges who picked Hung because he was so bad it was actually entertaining. Trust me, I saw the performance and it was pretty funny, but the fact that this guy actually went on to record two albums is enough to make me cringe while writing this. At least the singing is so f****** awful you might get a laugh or two from it.