The classic artist Jean Cocteau once said “All good music resembles something. Good music stirs by its mysterious resemblance to the objects and feelings which motivated it”. Music has and will always be an important facet in your life until there isn’t one left to live.

It’s what you dance to as a baby before you can speak. It’s that one song you listen to over and over again when you have your first heart break, your first summer romance or your first road trip with friends.

Music is chosen for significant moments in our life—prom, graduation and walking down the aisle. It’s played at sporting events for a touchdown, a halftime show and when batters walk up to the plate.

It’s played in elevators, in the doctor’s office, airports, cab rides and while you’re on hold waiting for customer service.

Music is the constant in our everyday lives, which is why Void decided to pay homage with our 3rd annual Music Edition that explores that unique relationship with articles such as a local business who creates custom guitars, a local art and music show based on retro gaming, a music camp for young girls as well as our very own local musical talents portrayed with iconic album covers as our feature.

Special thanks to Sutra Salon for making sure everyone look AMAZING in the mag.

So don’t hit fast forward on this issue, because with almost 30k magazines now being distributed, Void’s 3rd annual Music Issue is well worth hitting repeat in lieu of skipping.

Pick up a copy at one of our distribution spots or check it out online now!