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Translating your visualizations, creativity and imagination into a piece of art is truly a gift. Every artist’s dream is for their work to come to life. The opportunity is finally here. Thanks to the crowd funding platform Kickstarter, 3Doodler is the first ever three-dimensional drawing pen that is available for purchasing.

The 3Doodler can be used to make basic 3-D shapes and 3-D models, jewelry, hanging ornaments, decorative art, fridge magnets, personalizing of everyday objects such as iPhone cases, laptops or pens.  Using one of the many colored-plastic “threads” you see pictured above made, the 3Doodler works by melting and then cooling the plastic while it moves through the pen. The 3Doodler works similarly to a glue gun because of how the plastic threads are ejected from the end of the gun. The plastic threads come in several colors and each one foot of the plastic thread results in roughly 11 feet of material.

Gifted or not, 3Doodler makes it simple and easy to transform a two-dimensional design into 3-D art. 3Doodler can be used to draw on a solid surface, or off the table and up into the air. From an architect to an imaginative child, this pen was made for those who want to express their creativity. Watch the video below to see the 3Doodler in action.