As Jaguars kickoff their 2020 season, Void’s Jags Issue celebrates 25 seasons of professional football in DUUUVAL! We’ve been eating Boselli Burgers, rapping along with Jimmy Smith’s verse from the team’s 1999-season theme song “Uh Oh” while we painted our September issue with broad strokes of black and teal.

You can celebrate too–all season long, in fact. Here are 25 ways to celebrate 25 seasons.

1 | Test Your Vocal Chords

Pick a place–a random street corner in Jax, the top of a mountain, the middle of your coworkers all-office presentation–and bellow your deepest and most heartfelt “Duuuval!” then wait for the corresponding response. Of course the best place to do this will be at one of seven Jags home games at TIAA Bank

2 | Take a Walk Down Memory Lane 

Relive the most important moments in the team’s history–from the push to bring Jacksonville an NFL franchise to the squad’s various wardrobe advancements–all while wearing sweatpants and crocs (if that’s your thing) via’s virtual museum.

3 | Give Back 

Volunteer with One Team. One Home., a $2 million pledge between TIAA Bank, Jaguars, and Habitat for Humanity to help build or repair 100 homes in Northeast Florida.Sign up at

4 | Bro, Do You Even Pod?

Tune into the Perspectives weekly podcast hosted by Brian Sexton and hear stories from the past 25 seasons from Jaguars legends including Tom Coughlin, Tony Boselli, and Rashean Mathis. 

5 | Say “Uh Oh!”

After this song was seemingly lost in the ether of unmet expectations, the Internet has once again delivered! You can now listen to Jags greats Leon Searcy and Keenan McCardell spit rhymes over a very 90s Quad City DJ’s-esque beat on the very nostalgic track “Uh Oh! Jaguars Championship Song” via YouTube.

6 | Get Mellow

Come to a live taping of Jaguars All Access featuring Calais Campbell at Mellow Mushroom in Avondale on Thursday nights at 7 p.m.

7 | Grow a Mustache

Since purchasing the Jags in 2011, Shad Khan (and his famous stache) has become one of the most recognizable team owners in all of sports. And, let’s be clear, the power is in the stache. So grow one. Can’t grow one? Buy a false stache and glue it on! Then sit back and rake in the cash. 

8 | Grab Some Timely Jag Swag

While seemingly ephemeral, 25th season swag will never go out of style. Just look at how hard those Starter Jackets from the 90s are trending now.

9 | DIY Boselli Burger

McDonald’s discontinued the Boselli Burger nearly two decades ago. But you can make your own by simply ordering a McRib and three cheeseburgers, then taking the cheese and meat from the three burgers and putting all of it between the McRib bun. Bon appetit! 

10 | Who’s on Your All-Time Squad? 

Celebrate the Jaguars greats (or debate the merits of their selection) with the Jags All-25 team.

11 | Crack a Beer

There are a bevvy of local Jags-themed beverages. From Intuition’s “Myles Jack Wasn’t Down Belgian Tripel” to “Green Room’s Myles Jack Wasn’t Down American IPA” to Wicked Barley’s “Duval ‘Til We Die Dark Lager,” you can get toasted while bemoaning the fact that, no, Myles Jack wasn’t down. 

12 | Let’s Go to Homecoming Together!

Mark your calendar for Jaguars Homecoming on October 13 when the Jags welcome members of the original 1995 team for pregame ceremonies. No need to bring a date.

13 | Be Social  

Follow the Jaguars on social media as the team prepares to celebrate 904 Day on September 4.  They’ll be posting clues to some 25th season prizes.

Insta: @jaguars

Twitter: @jaguars


14 | Hashtag to The Hall

We’re trying to sway the clandestine body of HOF voters to finally induct Jags great Tony #BOSSelli into Canton. Using hashtags such as #71in20, #BOSSelli, and #RememberTheBoselliBurger, we invite you to join us; share your fave Boselli moments across all social platforms and create your own clever Boselli-related hashtags. Just remember to tag @voidlive so we can reshare!

15 | Maurice Jones Juice

Craft your own Jaguars-inspired cocktail and then name it something witty. Former RB Maurice Jones Drew (AKA Mojo) is a wealth of inspiration. From a classy, muddled “Mojo-jito” to a bathtub hooch we’re calling “Maurice Jones Juice,” it took us literally 10 seconds to come up with two! Whatchu got? 

16 | Run the Stache Dash

Perhaps the healthiest way to prep for a tailgate, the Jaguars Stache Dash 5K will go down on Friday, September 13th. All participants will receive an official race shirt, one drink ticket (can be redeemed for beer, soda or water after the race), a custom finisher medal, the opportunity to cross the finish line on TIAA Bank Field, and (for non-season ticket holders) registration also includes a ticket to a Jaguars home game of your choice!

17 | Fill The Void 

We won’t bore you with the economics of magazine making, but between selling advertisements and selling t-shirts, printing this thing and then handing it out for free each month requires a lot of ingenuity. There’ll be plenty of opportunities to both fill our coffers and outfit yourself in the latest Jags-themed Void swag this season, including the following:

904 Pop Up (Jax Beach) – Sept. 22nd

Oktoberfest on Main Street (Springfield) – October 5th

Porchfest (Springfield) – Nov. 9th

Wine & Trucks (Jax Beach) – Nov 16th.

18 | Friday Night Lights

Attend a high school football game anywhere on the first coast and celebrate the next generation of Jaguars greats. Each week the Jags will be promoting one special high school football game. 

19 | (Creatively) Ask for a Raise! 

All-Pro Corner Jalen Ramsey arrived at training camp this year in an armored truck filled with bags of cash; an apparent reference to his desire for a new, more lucrative contract. We think you should take a page out of #20’s playbook. Contract an airplane messenger to fly your “Give Me a Raise” banner up and down the shores of Jax Beach. Send an Edible Arrangement to your boss with a note that reads, “Food for thought: Give me a raise!” Or, arrive to work in your own armored truck! Just be prepared to back up your big talk. 

20 | Give Chris Conley a Wave

New Jags receiver Chris Conley famously is Northeast Florida’s newest ripper (he even picked up a custom shred stick from legendary shaper Mike Whisnant). If you see him in the lineup, give the kid a wave! 

21 | Let’s Sega!  

Though it features a poorly doctored photo of a Panthers player tackling a Jags player, as well as John Madden’s jovial mug, Madden NFL 96 on Sega Genesis is your only opportunity to play a version of the game with your Jags on the cover. Play on, gamers!

22 | Head-to-Teal

When the Jags host the Titans in primetime, we want a national audience to witness a sea of teal in TIAA Bank Field. So start scavenging your local Goodwill for a teal three-piece, or–if you actually love your team–paint your entire body (you’ll want to find a friend who really loves you) and we’ll see you at the bank on Thursday, September 19th!

23 | Meat Your Official 25th Season Meal

Take a bite out of a 25th season burger at all Tailgate Grill locations inside TIAA Bank Field. Fan-favorite boiled peanuts and lemon chills are also back for the 25th season!

24 | Be at Dick’s

Join Jaxson de Ville and the ROAR at Dick’s Wings for all away games this season. Find out which location is hosting the official watch party via @Jaguars on Twitter. 

25 | If You’re Going to Yell it—Spell it! 

Though there’s no official Webster’s Dictionary entry for the Jags guttural call-and-response cheer, we must settle the debate of how many U’s, A’s, L’s, etc. So write this down and don’t forget it: D as in “dog,” three U’s, and then “val” as in “Val Kilmer.” Got it?