2019 gave us much in the way of music to celebrate in Northeast Florida; a glorious and eclectic mix of output, to be sure. Here are a couple tunes we really dug in ’19.


Both within each track and collectively across her many releases, Rania Woodard and Brian Squillace’s distinctive brand of mellow, often brooding electronic-pop seems ever-expanding. And the latter seems especially true as the LANNDS catalogue continues to grow.

In March, the duo released the newest of their collaborative efforts, a track called “2093”. The song opens with Woodard announcing “I got high last night,” and the ethereal soundscape that follows certainly intones the fog of a morning comeuppance. The hook provides some levity, if only in a sartorial sense, including references to “gettin’ money” and “takin’ selfies.” All things considered, the sum of “2093”, like most of LANNDS complex tunes, eclipses its individual parts. It’s also one of LANNDS catchiest to date.—Matthew Shaw

Sea Cycles 
Fans of local indie quartet Sea Cycles didn’t have to have to wait long into the New Year to get a taste of the band’s brand of space-y, atmospheric pop. From the opening siren of the song’s whirring synth, “Quota” (released in early January of ‘19) carries a propulsive rhythm, though it remains a fairly chill, approachable listen. The song twists and turns around unique melodies, as the band’s distinctive ambience remains in tact. The money line from the song’s drawn out hook (“Never met a quota”) could easily serve as a mea culpa to those who’ve been anxiously waiting Sea Cycles follow up to 2015’s Ground & Air, a record that many were convinced signaled an impending breakout for the band. 

Though Sea Cycles toured last spring, day jobs, other musical gigs, and some obtuse record company-related machinations (see our profile of Sea Cycles’ Brian Squillace in our October issue) have kept a full-length on the shelves. Though it’s not likely to satiate fans of the band patiently waiting for that aforementioned full-length, we’re happy Sea Cycles was able to allocate “Quota” in 2019. Matthew Shaw

Other tracks we loved in ’19:
Trella – “Happy to Be Here”
LPT – “Aquella Mujer” (Live from Void HQ)
The Black Toilet – “What What”
Hurricane Party – “Hurricane Party!!!”
The Young Step – “Ghost Town”
Cory Driscoll – “Vacation Artist”
rickoLus – “Over U”
Folk is People – “Ghost Birdie”
Odd Relics – “Matrimony”
Mercy Mercy – The Usual (Baby)
The Noctambulant – “Unholy Benediction”

This profile originally appeared as part of our feature “The Music We Needed: 19 Songs we loved in 2019” in Void Magazine, Vol. 10, Issue 6.