Mountain Dew has come a long way since being the butt of sperm-count jokes (your fault, Yellow 22). Besides keeping Taco Bell alive by supplying an unlimited amount of Baja Blast, they are involved in action sports, like skateboarding. They sponsor Paul Rodriguez, a fantastically consistent, competitive skateboarder who is losing relevancy to a robust count of young rippers in high-water pants (your fault, Supreme).

Supreme is sick, though. Mountain Dew is … working on it, as evident in their “Green Label” venture. Recently, they posted a photo-tour of  “18 U.S. Sculptures that are Also Awesome Skateboard Spots.” A handful of these spots are easily recognizable, while a few are not. Have a gander at the link below and let your dream lines flow repeatedly.

“18 U.S. Sculptures that are Also Awesome Skateboard Spots”