It’s summertime on the First Coast! Be sure and share your selfies with us this summer using the hashtag #voidlive. Best of luck with this summer selfie challenge!

  1. At the beach with a seagull

We’ll start off easy with this one. Remember not to feed your newfound friend. #birdsofafeather

  1. At a concert

There are so many great musical acts coming through the First Coast. Bonus points if you manage to take a selfie with the band. Even better, take one from on top of a crowdsurfing pool floatie.

  1. At a summer movie

It’s time for the most anticipated remakes and big-budget franchises to grace the silver screens once again. Take a selfie with your summer movie bestie and enjoy the movie.

  1. By the pool, with an ice cream cone

You’re looking mighty fine there Mr. Icecream Cone. Show us how you like to dress up your sweet treat on a hot summer day.

  1. With your pooch at Memorial Park

Let your fluffy friend in on the fun. Let’s see those so-cute-we-have-to-punch-a-wall-to-feel-manly-again selfies.

  1. In the car with your besties

Now’s the time to go exploring. Show us your serendipitous finds. #roadtrip

  1. On the pier

Befriend a fisherman, admire the sunset, contemplate life… and take a selfie.

  1. On top of a rooftop bar

What’s the view of Duval like from waaay up there?

  1. At a picnic in Treaty Oak Park

Take cover from the heat under the expansive limbs of the oldest tree in the city.

  1. The stoplight in Five Points

Show off your trendy finds from the nearby antique and thrift shops. Watch out for cars!

  1. On a boat

You get bonus points if one of our metropolis-defining bridges is behind you. Don’t forget those flip-flops.

  1. At Friendship Fountain

Cool off at one of our most recognizable and under-rated attractions in the city.

  1. On the Southbank Riverwalk

The much anticipated reopened attraction is now open. Snap a pic in front of the gigantic mosaic wall of the St. Johns River.

  1. In front of a Shaun Thurston wall mural

They’re everywhere, so challenge yourself and scope out one you’ve never visited before. Hint: There’s a new one in Hemming Park.

  1. In a hip coffee shop

Show us your favorite page turner in the hippest coffee shop you can find.

  1. At a speakeasy

Bonus points if you dress up in ‘20s appropriate wear. Hint: There’s one in San Marco.

  1. With the San Marco lions

Grab a selfie with the second most famous cats in the city. Remember to name them. #spikeandsimba

  1. With a St. Augustine war re-enactor

School may be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean your brain should turn to mush. Grab a selfie and a history lesson with a living historian.