Not too long ago, a beer from roughly 170 years ago was found underwater, and the answer to your question is yes, it has been tasted … and yes, it was horrible.

Back in 2010, divers found both beer and champagne off the coast of Finland in a shipwreck. When they first tasted it, shortly after discovering the bottles, the beer was so sour that nothing else could be tasted. But now that it’s been tested through different scientific methods by Chemists at VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland, a more detailed analysis of the various tastes have been distinguished. They each had a lot of salt, probably from the sea water (obviously), but they were also able to extract more information as the two beers were put to the test.

The first one was hoppier and had a bitter taste. The other beer had notes of apple and other sweet flavors in it. For this great discovery, we thank you science. Now we think it’s time for a beer.