Mean girls


No matter your age it’s always ok to have a designated day to whip out your best pink outfit and live loud.



Who cares of you’re not from London if you think something is awesome you should always talk about how fetch it is…fetch is going to happen Regina!



Alright so you might get smacked around a few times for asking this one, but hey better to ask than remain ignorant forever.



This is for your best friend when she drinks the last bit of vodka or that random girl who shoves you in a bar…Regina has covered all the bases with this one.

doesn't go here


Alright so we’ve  had that random person that pops into our group picture or joins your conversation and no one has any idea who they are… ^ this will set them straight.



You need some retail therapy after a hard week? This will definitely get you some results…it may be an obscene gesture but hey better than nothing!



…Enough said. Be sure to tweet your kids.

in love with me


Pretty much every girl’s response after any guy comes up and says hello.



I mean come on who wouldn’t love us…obviously.



What we’re really thinking when someone says “thank you” after a compliment.

nail beds



This one was a bit too long to hash tag but it does sum up every girls daily struggle.