This year, One Spark 2014 raised the level of community pride and showcased to the nation the significance and opportunity that Jacksonville represents with the flourishing small business and entrepreneurial scene.

In addition to allowing top Creators to vie for votes to win cash incentives of $310,000 from One Spark, Creators were also being reviewed for the first-in-class $100,000 Golden Ticket in media, branding and marketing services being exclusively offered from Void and the country’s fastest growing millennial-focused ad agency, Adjective & Co. Both Void and Adjective and Co. are pleased to announce the $100K Golden Ticket winner from One Spark is Gastrofest!

Gastrofest, a Jacksonville based organization, is dedicated to celebrating and exposing the growth and diversity of the local culinary scene in our community.

“There were many potential candidates at One Spark, but in the end, the vision of Gastrofest to educate and engage the community 365 days a year on the importance of local and sustainable food practices allowed it to stand out.” says Eddie Berrang, VP Strategy & Marketing at Void and Adjective & Co.

 The Golden Ticket selection was based solely around the One Spark Creator that was most likely to make a positive impact on the North Florida community. Leadership teams from both Void and Adjective & Co. reviewed hundreds of One Spark Creator applicants and spent several days at One Spark meeting with potential candidates during the world’s largest crowdfunding festival April 9 – 13, 2014 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Gastrofest will receive the following as part of the $100K Golden Ticket in media, branding and marketing services:

• Integrated branding and marketing services; includes brand identity, website design and development, social media strategy, full suite of advertising and marketing materials

• 6 months of advertising and promotion through Void Media; includes print (Void Magazine), digital (, and social media

Congratulations Gastrofest!