It was just your average Tuesday, paired with a record breaking 100-foot wave.


Brazilian Carlos Burle is a big wave surfing hero. That average Tuesday consisted of surfing the largest wave in history and saving the life of Maya Gabeira, who was knocked unconscious after a bad wipe out.


Burle was on the rescue jet ski, and searched the rough waters for five minutes with Gaberia no where in sight. Shortly after, Burle found Gabeira floating facedown heading straight towards the rocks. After lifting her onto the rescue sled, he rushed her to shore where she was resuscitated.“Maya almost died,” Burle said later. She survived with a broken ankle.

After the series of terrifying events and heroic acts, Burle decided to go and tackle one of these monster waves. “For me, it was a big adrenaline moment to get back there after what happened,” says Burle.

His decision led him to surfing one of the largest waves noted in history. The immense wave was the only one he caught that day, and if confirmed, it would top the world record set in 2011 by Hawaiian Garrett McNamara of 78 feet.


Source: USA Today Sports