1. TED’s right here, in Jax.

That’s right. TED, like TED.com and TED Talks. Those intellectual, inspiring videos you should be watching instead of turning your brain to mush with yet another cat video. TED licenses select groups to own the TEDx name for their city and host a TED-like conference on a local level. This is the second year TEDxJacksonville has put on for our city in the TED world, and we hear they do it well. Really well.

2. Brain food.

We’re getting out from behind our screens and finding a little in-person inspiration. Twelve local and international speakers will give TEDx Talks, live from a stage at WJCT, complete with the TED-red dot. The talks will end up online like other TED Talks, but, we’ll hear them live weeks before the Internet. #humblebrag

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3. Real Food.

After feeding our brain, we’ll feed our face. Lunch at TEDxJacksonville is being catered by Black Sheep, Conscious Eats and Biscotti’s, and all the produce in the lunch boxes will be sourced from vendors at the Riverside Arts Market. We’re hungry already.

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4. Taking a trip into the unknown! Be back never!

This year’s TEDxJacksonville conference theme is (un)knowing. We’re not sure exactly what we’re supposed to know, or not know, but what we do know is that we’re intrigued.

5. What’s in a name. 

No big deal, after soaking in some serious ideas worth spreading, we’ll be hob-nobbing with 300 people who’s name tags say they’re Intellectual Explorers during the afterglow party.

6. Get your groove on. 

The last time we saw JJ Grey of Mofro, Joe Shuck from Antique Animals, Mama Blue and The John Carver Band play on the same stage was … well, never. We’re so ready to get down to that smooth Jacksonville sound.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 11.07.28 PM

7. TEDxJacksonville loves the kids.

In addition to working with Delores Barr Weaver to offer free scholarships to attend to Duval County Teachers of the Year and the students of their selection, TEDx is offering 15 seats to interested college students who apply. SWOOP!

8. Check the box that says I Agree. 

Director and Filmmaker Cullen Hoback is coming from LA to talk digital privacy as a follow up to his documentary Terms and Conditions May Apply. This flick freaked us out! And then we tweeted about it. So we want to hear what we’re supposed to do next.

9. Face with a Name.

Remember reading about Keith Haring’s Ghost and the graffiti on city utility boxes? The artist who took a stand against social injustice through visual art will be telling his story.


10. Come here often?

A Vancouver “tour guy” will take us on a tour of our own city and a Senior Fellow at the Urban Land Institute will help us see our sense of place. Because, sometimes, it takes an outsider’s perspective to appreciate what you’ve got.

TEDxJacksonville’s annual live conference, (un)knowing, comes to WJCT on October 25. Apply to attend at TEDxJacksonville.com.