Happy post-April Fool’s Day! Hopefully everyone had fun pranking or tried to remain calm while being pranked. Although April 1 is the traditional day to prank people and to have a good laugh, there are a good amount of fun, harmless pranks people can do year-round.

After much thought, I was able to find and create 10 friendly pranks that anyone can do anytime of the year. I’m even guilty of doing a few, so don’t ever feel bad if you do them yourself.

Hide a fake rodent or insect

Place a fake rat underneath a towel or hide it in the cabinet and wait for someone to notice it. Alternatively, place a fake spider in someone’s bed while they’re sleeping.

Frozen cereal

Pre-make the kids cereal the night before school and freeze it overnight. The next morning, serve it to your kids and watch them try to scoop up their Lucky Charms.


Whoopee cushion extreme

While inflating the whoopee cushion, put a few drops of the stink bomb fumes in it (so it’ll smell like an actual fart when deflated) then finish inflating … you’ll know what to do from there.

Switch caffeine for decaf

When I was a barista, one of my customers confessed that she bought her bosses coffee decaffeinated because she was being a real pain due to her high stress levels and needed to relax. Yes, that was kind of mean, but the customer said that her boss ended up going home early and returning the next day well-rested and in a better mood. So, I guess you can say everyone won that day.


Bottle pop

Take an empty plastic bottle and screw the lid on really tight (make sure the bottle isn’t crushed). Place it under the wheels of the car and wait for the bottle to get run over. It’ll make a loud pop sound, almost like a fire cracker.

A few kids tried this when I was in high school, except they placed the bottles under the wheels of the school buses. It worked and it was priceless!

Don’t come near my car!

When you see someone sitting or hanging near your car, press the panic button on your car keys and watch them freak out.

Alternative: Just for fun, when you see someone on a morning run and they’re about to pass your car … have at it.

Horn Scare

Dear graduating students

Lie to your family and tell them you sold your graduation tickets to make some extra money. I tried this prank last month, then ignored my mom’s calls all spring break. When I came back to town, I called and told her the truth. Yes, I got cussed out; but it was worth it.

Add some color to their life

Unscrew the cap to the faucet in the kitchen sink or remove the shower head from the arch or the hose and put a color dye pellet (used to dye eggs on Easter) and reassemble it. When the water runs, it’ll turn into a nightmare; especially if it’s green or red.

Cat Eggs

Horror movie reality

Turn off the power to the house and play the theme song from the movie “One Missed Call” or where a mask and scare them.

Elevator prank

First, walk in an elevator and make sure it’s just you and one other person. Then, play the Mortal Combat theme and turn to face them like you’re in the game (don’t try this on just anyone because some people might think you’re serious).

BONUS: Get in an elevator full of people (back towards them) and wait for the doors to close. Once closed, turn towards everyone casually and say, “I bet you guys are wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today.”

Pranks are fun and can go way behind the standard “tell a lie and watch the other person get in their emotions.” Not all pranks are funny to everyone, but they are meant to make people laugh. People just want to have a good laugh. Just be friendly about it and keep it harmless. No one needs to get hurt in the process.