Crowdfunding websites give inventors the opportunity to present their solutions to practical problems people face daily to the internet. Here are 10 that would certainly make life a little more interesting.

Charge Chair

Charge Chair

A dying smartphone battery can be the bane of one’s existence, especially when they realize it moments before heading out the door. Whether its on the little league field, at the beach or camping out at Best Buy days before its Black Friday sale, this lawn chair converts sunlight into usable energy to charge devices via USB cable. The Charge Chair features two USB ports, cup holders, a case and a canopy for solar panels. According to its Kickstarter, it will ship out in August for backers who fund it.


Just when the universe thought taking a selfie couldn’t get any better, litcase invented a phone case with two lights that allow iPhone 6 and 6s users have more control over a photo or video’s brightness. It’s battery-powered, uses high CRI (color rendering index) and LEDs to achieve quality media and can be controlled with one hand, according to its Kickstarter page. This is a big step forward in being able to produce a feature film on an iPhone.

The Shock Clock

Waking up in the morning can be painful. But what if a company made a device that uses pain as a trigger to wake up? Pavlock’s Shock Clock aims to break the lethargic snooze-hitter and turn them into morning people by physically shocking them out of bed via a wristband and a smartphone app that can track sleeping habits. According to its Kickstarter page, you can even shock friends on-demand if they sleep in when you have plans … which is awesome.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.30.50 PM

The Wall Garden

The farm-to-table trend may see competition if The Wall Garden becomes a staple in homes and businesses. Now, it can be possible for raw ingredients to grow from a planter hanging on a wall. Bartenders can use it to clip fresh mint leaves for mojitos and chefs can harvest fresh rosemary to bring out more flavor in steaks. The Wall Garden deviates from typical indoor-planters because it allows plants to sprout directly from its pods, according to its Kickstarter.

Plus, it looks like a piece of living art and its frame comes in a variety of colors. Remember that scene in “Back to the Future Part II” when Marty Jr. picks fruit from a planter in the kitchen? Just add this to the list of new technology it predicted … though we’re still waiting for our actual hoverboards.



When The Clapper introduced smart technology to homes in the ’80s, life changed. In 2016, Knocki makes it possible to turn surfaces into remote controls. For example, one can program Knocki to send a phone a notification if someone knocks on the front door, turn on the heat by knocking on a kitchen counter or even activate a light by tapping on a wall. It can connect to most devices that can connect to the Internet. Just imagine knocking on an end table to start the coffee machine in the morning.


Traveling for tech-savvy people can be difficult, especially if they are mobile and have no access to basic 21st century amenities. The iBackPack makes it easy for those who work on the go with its ability to be a WiFi hotspot, charge devices via USB connection and an alarm one can activate if someone attempts to steal it, among other features. Oh yeah, and you can store things in it — because it’s a backpack.

Ingrem Gaming and Work Station

Geeks are one step closer to becoming JP from “Grandma’s Boy,” now that there is an automatic, hydraulic-controlled, electric-massage gaming chair with a footrest and mounts for multiple monitors. Now you can work hard and play hard without getting up with the Ingrem Gaming and Work Station.


Six is a gesture-controlled turn signal bicyclists can use to alert those around them which direction they plan to turn. No, it has nothing to do with Drake, although this invention is ironically based in Canada. According to its Kickstarter page, this product works with any wearable technology like Android Wear and Apple Watches. Remember kids, it’s hand up for right and out for left.


Ordinary sunglasses tint its wearer’s vision with a single filter, but the BooEnn uses solar power to adjust the lens based on the environment. According to its Indie Go Go page, it promotes anti-fatigue, prevents light pollution and features an anti-shatter lens. I wonder if this is the same technology Cyclops from X-Men uses in his glasses.

Walli Wearables

Walli Wearables

Nothing hurts more than losing money, whether it’s in Vegas or because you accidentally threw your wallet away in a trash can at Wawa in Ocean City, Maryland. Walli Wearables creates several products that use smartphone and GPS technology to track down car keys, wallets and travel pouches. It will even go as far as alerting users if a credit card is missing from its usual slot.