Let’s put aside our petty Duval-Vs-St.-Johns-squabbles for a moment, shall we? (Actually, I’m not sure a rivalry ever actually existed.) In any event, a tip of the cap to St. Augustine is in order. In what seems like no time at all the historic city has emerged as a foodie destination. The deliciousness of the Ancient City is now undeniable. And Birmingham-based, meridional-focused lifestyle publication, Southern Living Magazine was compelled–through a reader survey–to name St. Augustine “The South’s Best Food Town.”

Let’s have a taste from SL, shall we?

“We were also pleasantly surprised to see some new tiny tastemaking towns make it into our top ten. St. Augustine, Florida, worked its way from the bottom to be our overall champion with their ever-burgeoning food scene anchored by restaurants like Preserved, which shows off the wealth of local ingredients in a modern way in the country’s oldest city.”

Among stops for SL readers to checkout in St. Augustine, contributor Hannah Hayes suggested Preserved, The Ice Plant, The Hyppo, and The Floridian.

Bravo, St. Augustine!