With August’s #1 in the 904 Issue celebrating the best our region has to offer, we’re remembering those individuals we lost in the past year who helped make Northeast Florida #1. For our remembrance of F. Kyle Marshall, CLICK HERE. For Summer Black, CLICK HERE.

Dennis Stewart

Dennis Stewart’s family grew up across the street from mine, right off Myrtle Avenue, near Stanton High School on the northside of Jacksonville, and they have figured prominently in our city’s public life for more than half a century. They were led by Charlotte Stewart, a local icon who wrote the society column for the Florida Star. Others in the family hold prominent leadership roles at institutions like Jacksonville International Airport and the Ritz Theatre and Museum. Dennis, best-known as “Mr. Natural”, took a more unorthodox approach, earning acclaim as a chef and TV personality. He preached the gospel of sustainability—farm to table, locally-sourced, raw vegan vittles at a time when all this was still novel. Our food scene was greatly enhanced by his efforts, and his death from cancer robbed that scene of a vibrant personality who had their back longer than almost anyone.