As part of August’s #1 in the 904 Issue, we’re remembering those individuals who we lost in the past year. These are folks who made our region #1. For our remembrance of F. Kyle Marshall, CLICK HERE. For Dennis Stewart, CLICK HERE.

Summer Black (1984-2019):

If there was a Mount Rushmore of Northeast Florida’s barista community, my friend Summer Black would be in the Teddy Roosevelt spot. The artist, writer and musician spent years working at the Starbucks on Riverside Avenue, near the historic Five Points neighborhood in which she had been a beloved regular for nearly 20 years.

Black was murdered while riding her bike on Beach Blvd late on a Sunday night, hit by a car whose driver fled the scene and was not found until days later. She could’ve been transferred to a location closer to where she lived, but she stayed there because she loved the people, and she loved being closer to her friends. She was just one of many innocent bicyclists and pedestrians killed on our streets in recent years, but she is the one whose name I remember.