Void Magazine

Who We Are: Void is a forward thinking media outlet focusing on North Florida Culture. Through Void’s creative and stylistic approach with Void Media (Magazine and voidlive.com), Void Events and Void Creative we are able to showcase relevant news and events to a key audience. We love this city and we love what we do.

Our Story: Founded during the recession in 2010. Void is a North Florida Culture & Lifestyle Brand. The original concept and vision was based on the idea of filling a “Void” with local energy and local pride. We accomplish this goal when we give back to the community by promoting innovation and area leaders, driving trends and culture, highlighting area professionals and artists and supporting bleeding edge technology.

CONTACT our team to find out ways Void is helping businesses in North East Florida grow through our leading media channels.

MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTION: 27,000+ full-color high gloss copies distributed throughout high traffic areas in North Florida. Void also carries a growing list of subscribers in the US as well as all over the world.

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