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The Latest Workout Craze Will Have You Rolling

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This is the latest workout gear, brought to you by the makers of the no!no!™ hair removal system, and it is absolutely ridiculous. The device, called “The FaceTrainer” is a resistance training device that also doubles as a space helmet when the time comes for the human race to leave Earth. The device works by exercising the muscles of the face and neck using resistance training, it’s like lifting dumbbells but on your face! Essentially, the Face Trainer makes basic facial movements more difficult, therefore tightening saggy skin and removing wrinkles, while also making you look like a burn victim.

Here’s the company’s description of the product,

“The FaceTrainer™ by no!no!™ is unique training device to tone our most prominent and yet ignored muscles, the muscles of our face. There is no need for injections or surgery, the FaceTrainer™ naturally and simply erases the signs of aging for younger, healthier looking skin.”

No 2

The video includes all these great moves, the “chinese water torture”, the “what’s that in the sky”, the “STFU”, the “my head is about to explode”, and of course the “help I’m choking to death”.

What may be even more surprising is that this glorified ace wrap costs $200 and it actually works, allegedly. That’s right, for a mere $200 you too can make all the ridiculous faces you see pictured above and alienate all your friends and family who are too embarrassed to speak to you. Perhaps the greatest thing to come from all of this is the instructional video the company uploaded to YouTube in March of 2012. View it below.

TL;DR – Watch this video and try not to laugh for five minutes straight.


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