This Saturday, February 11, the Miami-based group, Pocket of Lollipops, is coming to Jacksonville to illuminate the community with their posh punk music.

Recently, they released their album titled, “Thanks Theo” and it’s listed as their lengthiest album to date. They decided to name the album “Theo” after Vincent Van Gogh’s brother, for his unfailing financial and emotional support to his artistic practice.

“I wouldn’t really say there is a concept behind it [our music]. Our influences in music don’t regulate what we write,” said Maitejosune Urrechaga, vocalist and bass. “Each song has a reason for being written and things sit in sketchbooks for months before getting mapped out. We have an honest message with our lyrics.”

The group wasn’t always together. Urrechaga, and vocalist and drummer Tony Kapel, have been a duo since 2008. Brittany Ruiz, synth, and Lauren Bouza, guitarist, were sent in by their leader for a more sonic mayhem.

“It was supposed to be a quick mission of infiltrate, join us for a few shows, and move on. This led to full on abduction, thus connecting us through sound waves and the basic love for a fresh box of crayons,” Urrechaga said.

“Like the seas we create atmospheric patterns that flow easily between us all,” Bouza added.

The group got their name from just playing with words. Apparently, a friend of theirs snaked some lollipops from their bosses desk — thus creating the name “Pocket of Lollipops.”

“The vibrations they generated intrigued me to delve in,” Ruiz said.

Photo courtesy of Jessie Askinazi

Photo courtesy of Jessie Askinazi

They are currently working on an EP titled, “Bison Twin,” which will be their first album released with the new lineup. Their current album “Thanks Theo” is also available on CD, digital and soon on cassette through Weiner Records.

Their music can also be found on their website, Bandcamp or on their label’s website. Below is a video that hasn’t been released yet, but will be the bonus track on their “Thanks Theo” tape.

You can catch Pockets of Lollipops live at Jack Rabbits (1528 Hendricks Avenue) this Saturday, February 11, at 8 p.m.

“When the cosmos lines things up the way it does and the beings are placed in front of each other, why argue,” Kapel said. “Our last album contained tracks that could be replicated or close to it, and the methods they were created are the way these two beings play soooo yeah. No dispute there.”